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How to choose a comfortable home high chair?


1, seat height: refers to the vertical distance between the seat and the foot pedal, seat height is too high, the legs will vacillating thigh blood pressure is too low will cause physical fatigue. Practice has proved that the appropriate seat height for the calf socket to the heel height plus 25-35mm thick heel, minus the 10-20mm of the remaining margin.

Tall metal chair


2, deep seat: refers to the front seat to the back of the distance, too deep and too shallow will make the lower leg and lower back fatigue discomfort. Practice has proved that seat depth to slightly less than the horizontal length of the thigh appropriate.


3, seat width: seat width should make the buttocks fully supported and leave room, usually with the average size of the person plus the appropriate margin may be.

Common household high-foot metal chair size is how much? After reading the introduction of Xiaobian careful finishing, which you know when to buy tall metal chair, how to do it. Tall metal chair is the expression of lifestyle, but also reflects the improvement of quality of life, quickly and love to enjoy romantic time together.